Sacred Keys



SACRED KEYS – André Maris
the balancing power of holy mantras.

The sacred Sanskrit mantras, sung by André Maris on this album in an incomparably relaxed manner in a masterfully chilly manner, are embedded in a new mystical musical landscape to tenderly accompany and underline the sacred effect of these texts. The sensitive and meditatively sung mantras were in the creative period for a long time companions of the artist and prepared him wonderful hours.

“”Sometimes for days I was lost in the Sanskrit words and the melodies that came from somewhere inside me. It was like dipping into another state of being, into another experience. And the keys to these experiences are the mantras on this CD. That’s why I gave this album the title Sacred Keys.“ -André Maris-

A unique, musical work as an invitation to inner, spiritual balance, meditative relaxation and immersion in the worlds of one’s own soul.

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Janin Devi & André Maris