Bhaktiprayers 2 – mp3 download


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Included in this download is the music version of Bhaktiprayers 2 with the following titles:

1. Shiva Lullaby 4:24
2. Raghu Pati 5:04
3. Jaya Jagad Ambe 6:03
4. Sarva Mangala 5:25
5. Twameva Mata 8:17
6. Radha Ramana 4:53
7. Lokah Samasta 8:21
8. Hare Rama 6:39
9. I Feel My Happiness 3:41

Total playing time: 52:47


Info for all yogis out there:

Bhaktiprayers 2 is also available as a double CD.
CD1 contains a mantra yoga class, spoken by Tobias Weber.
CD2 is a pure music CD for listening and singing along.

Here you can find Bhaktiprayes 2 double-CD

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