Hello dear flower power people,

spring is just around the corner with lovely fragrances for our nouse and lovely sounds for our inner self …
Mother Nature then shows herself in an innocent dress. She will wake up one more time and share her colors with us, like she has always done. And so we used the winter time creatively with the recordings of a new, meditative mantra CD.

How much I like working in the recording studio on cold, rainy winter days, with a focus on my heart, on silence and prayer. The gently pounding rain on our window will also initiate a mantra 😉
Yes, it will be a heart album. To be precise, my heart album, in which André supports me both vocally and as a producer.
While I was able to immerse myself in the depth of the prayer, he was also there as a loving dad for our Flynn.
What a gift it has become.
And what does this album sound like?
Like a gentle breeze, like a blossoming of peace.

The following tracks will appear on the album:

Guru Wahe Guru
Hari Om Tat Sat.
Lokah Samastah
Om Kali

The pieces are my compositions that have been with me for a long time. Lokah Samastah, for example, is a classic that I’ve been playing live for 13 years. Now the piece finds its place on this CD.

This album unfolds its magic through the beautifully recorded piano arrangements by our friend David Ma, as well as a bonus track recorded by Christian Einsiedel.

Even in times like these, we strive to keep the energy high with the support of the mantras and to let it flow. .

A warm hug and thank you for your support.

Janin & family

PS: All pre-orderers receive the CD hot off the press and signed by hand <3

Janin Devi & André Maris