Order the new album „Samastah“ now

Hello dear flower power people,

on June 1st „Samastah“ is released, the latest album by Janin Devi & André Maris: Six warm, connecting, calmly flowing mantras, carefully arranged by David Ma and Christian Einsiedel on the piano, tonally refined by „berge“ producer Rocco Horn and, as always, beautifully sung by Janin and André!

The Sanskrit word "Samastah" means "everything", "connected", "united", "composed", "harmonious". And perhaps it has never been more important than in these days to adjust to such qualities - to overcome what divides and fearfulness and to feel what unites us:

A common feature of being here at this special time. An inner organization of things that seem so contradictory. A cosmic harmony of the soft tones behind the noise of the world.

An all das erinnert dieses schöne Album – optisch noch verstärkt durch die Natur-Geometrie im Video zum Titelsong.
Die CD gibt es noch bis zum 7.5. zum Vorbestellen auf https://janin-andre.com/produkt/samastah/

Viel Freude damit!

Janin Devi & André Maris