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Mantra Yoga – Serve,Love,Give – Janin Devi & André Maris feat. Satyadevi

After about 10 years of Mantra Yoga, the very first self-produced Mantra Yoga CD will be released, with guidance from a Yoga Vidya intermediate lesson.
Thanks to André’s infinite peace and serenity and Satyadevi’s deep, pure love for her Guru Swami Sivananda, a magical, loving work has sprung from our midst: a harmoniously underlined Yoga Vidya intermediate lesson, for the first time with Yoga instructions by Satyadevi Bretz.

Our interaction is supported by Omid Bahadori’s wonderful guitar accompaniment, enriched with sweet new mantra compositions and heavenly songs.
You can expect a trip to India in the Himalayas. Breathe the silence, breathe the sound to the top of its self. Swami Sivananda’s favorite saying will accompany you: Serve, love, purify yourself, meditate and purify yourself “.

This yoga lesson can be easily integrated into everyday life – bhakti pure for 60 minutes.

Music titles

1 Serve, Love, Give 02:27
2 Sarva Mangala 04:41
3 Om 00:56
4 So Hum 06:36
5 Shuddhosi 05:59
6 Yamuna Tira Vihari 09:11
7 Gayatri Mantra 05:33
8 Maha Deva 06:04
9 Sat Chid Ananda 05:56
10 Overtone singing 04:46
11 Om Bhagavan 05:37
12 Magic 06:56

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Janin Devi & André Maris