Yin Mantra Yoga – Journey to Infinity – CD (with Yoga-Instructions)




Yin Mantra Yoga – Journey to infinity – Janin Devi & André Maris feat. Naissan

Yin Yoga is the most relaxed way to do yoga. The exercises are supported by cushions and allow – as if by itself – a complete detachment to emerge. A slow, gentle soundscape of piano and vocals leads to the innermost place of serenity and joy. Everyday tensions in the body and mind dissolve and a deep sense of security and calmness sets in. The inner child sleeps – but it is allowed to dream.
The crystal-clear voice of Janin Devi is carried by the earthy baritone of her music and soul mate André Maris.
In their eyes the eye of the other shimmers and so they embody Yin and Yang in a musical-human way. The circle around these energies is formed by the pianists Claude Andalu and David Ma, a gently flowing source of healing sounds.
The resulting vibration is grounded and embodied by the yoga teacher Naissan, who sensitively and calmly establishes a connection between body and soul

Playing time: 73min.

Music titles

1 Journey to infinity 04:49
2 Om Namah Shivaya 08:13
3 Ek Ong Kar 09:25
4 Hanuman Bolo 07:41
5 Saraswati 09:06
6 Om Namo Narayanaya 09:03
7 Bhajo Radhe Krishna 09:18
8 So Ham 07:16
9 Journey to infinity 08:06


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Janin Devi & André Maris