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Higher, wider, deeper – Janin Devi feat. Klaus Heitz

While working on her CD project “Higher, Wider, Deeper” Janin goes to the horizon of her previous artistic work. The artist herself refers to her unique sound as Spirit Culture Pop and presents on this album next to two Mantras songs a variety of self-written, spiritual pop songs that are easily accessible to people without a yoga background and inspire while listening. In this turbulent time, where humanity vacillates between being and history, quantum leap and dead end, loneliness and togetherness, with this honest music we want to reach the ears and hearts of all who seek their way, comfort, confidence and coming into here and now.
Through the sweet sound and the message in it, an essence that is without words is transported.
This music gives strength and courage to realize the potential that lies dormant in all of us. Be brave, be yourself and remember, it’s up to you how the next morning, the next day of the entire world looks like.
Connect yourself, hit bridges, smile into the storm of everyday life, create, paint, sing, dance and love what you are …

Together with the producer Michael Wagener, the guitarist Daniel Sauk and the harpist Klaus Heitz, energetic song pearls emerged.

Playing time: 58:59 min.

“Skilled understatement becomes the expression of genuine devotion. She lets us feel this great simplicity, warmth and clarity, she takes us into this vast space.” –Yoga Journal–

“I do not know when I heard the last time – or ever – an album on which I have encountered English, German, Sanskrit and Gurmukhi in such a well-coordinated form.”
-Maria Ma von Ganzherzig-

“… the songs create a symbiosis of Eastern wisdom with the broad spectrum of a Western-contemporary music culture in an impressive way. “Spiritual Culture Pop” is enriched by the voice of Janin with the distinctive timbre and the growing “InnerWisdom” and will continue to bring us much joy in the future.”
-Yoga Vidya-

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