At the end of last year we released our CD “Heldenreise”. Now the question arises, how did we manage to record “Bhaktiprayers 2” as a complete double CD, despite the pregnancy and the birth of our baby?

Many years ago I already knew that one day I would like to publish a follow-up album of “Bhaktiprayers”. I did not care when it appeared, but it became a great and soulful album, with and without the guidance of yoga poses. Thought and made with a lot of passion, for all the lovely people who have accompanied me for so long and especially love and appreciate my mantra music.
Now, as soon as the album is finished, I am once again surprised at how everything went together and was infinitely grateful for every tiny, valuable influence that was contributed by dear friends and musicians. Even Klaus Heitz with his beautiful harp playing has become a part of this album. I’ll never forget the moment I sat by his deathbed to say goodbye to him. At the side of my dear friend Frauke Richter, we sang together for him. She is always there in my life, in the very special moments I can feel her and on this album she decorates that most important mantra for the worship of the Divine Mother with her voice. Another very important friend who shaped my music is David Ma, who unleashes the space with love through his piano playing like no other.
To reflect all these wonderful encounters sonically, it was important not to have a release date in advance, but to have the CD created.
Now more than three years have moved into the country. I became a mom, I have started a wonderful family together with André Maris. And at this moment I can not say, if I will someday take another Mantra Yoga CD (with instructions), because it fulfills me very much.
In any case, I still love to sing for the light in me, to feel alive and to let the love flow – especially now to our sweet little son Flynn.
We have already shared the following mantra with you and would like to do it again, as it is the heart of this CD: Bhaktiprayers 2 – Yoga for your innocent soul …

Janin Devi & André Maris