Bhajo Radhe Krishna

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The first mantra music video for our second jointly produced Mantra Yoga CD “Journey to Infinity” …

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The mantra “Hanuman Bolo” comes from our Yin Mantra Yoga Album “Journey to Infinity”, published on 20.11.2017.

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Hanuman Bolo

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The mantra “So Ham” comes from our Yin Mantra Yoga Album “Journey to Infinity”, published on 20.11.2017.

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    Babypause 🙂

    Ihr Lieben,

    wir ziehen uns für die Babypause zurück und sind in der 2. Jahreshälfte 2019 langsam aber sicher wieder on the road <3

    Zeige Beschreibung


English version of our website now online

We have revised our website. From now on our website is available in two languages. We want to make our content, especially the mantras and chants, internationally accessible. Through mantras, we finally found each other in the first place. When I bravely asked Janin...

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Baby break

Dear Ones, the little one is now the center of our journey. Our last concerts for this year have been canceled. Our baby is doing very well. However, pregnancy now requires our total dedication ... For all those who would like to have experienced us again, we ask for...

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NEW: Our Fashion Shop

Just in time for the upcoming magical autumn, we have something very special for you: our own little fashion shop!! Enjoy...

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Reise in die Unendlichkeit - Yin Mantra Yoga

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myshop (1)



Janin Devi & André Maris – Singer-Songwriter & Transforming Artists

Janin Devi and André Maris – the story of the two is far too enchanting not to be narrated: two extraordinary voices meet in 2016 at the height of two extraordinary careers. Two people fall in love and begin to let their deep spirituality flow together in to music. In music that touches and transforms, awakens the memory of the one source, springs from the diversity of all living things.

Janin and André draw from this source. They open spaces with multifaceted singing and soulful compositions. With finely crafted texts in German and English and millennia-old Sanskrit mantras. With the courage to adapt their repertoire to the energy of each location at each event. Each concert, every song and sound accompanied yoga class becomes a unique celebration of universal love in the here and now.

Janin’s roots are in the German yoga scene. The unique combination of spiritual pop music and mantras is still her trademark. But her spectrum has become higher, wider and deeper with every successful release of the CD: She sovereignly unfolds the whole spectrum of her supernaturally beautiful voice in a music she aptly calls “Spirit Pop”. Her reputation is manifesting spaces of connectedness and love with and for people. And her voice is the medium for it, a soulful companion on the way to homecoming. Whether it’s whisper-quiet ballads or ecstatic chants – when Janin Devi sings, it’s easy to close your eyes and confide fully in the power of the moment.

These qualities also attracted André Maris: The Tyrolean exceptional singer with roots in hip-hop, reggae and soul made it in 2013 in the Top 3 of the best-known Austrian casting format – and pulled the ripcord: Instead of flexing of success, he prefered to cultivate his deep connection to Mother Nature as well as his ability to make souls smile. In 2014 he released a self-produced CD with mantra music.

In 2016 he invites Janin to collaborate artistically on the follow-up album. What begins with a few e-mail lines quickly turns out to be literally a “miracle-full” encounter: André doesn’t only bring in his qualities as a singer and rapper, musician and producer. He also contributes his own songs that touch (not only) Janin’s heart in the depths.

Since then, Janin and André have been touring together through the yoga music scene in Europe. As an artist duo, with individual accompanists or a complete band, they embody the difference and unity of yin and yang in a musical-human way. In their luggage they have the first album “Heimwärts”. The CD produced with Rocco Horn from the band “berge” tells of coming home to oneself, of being close to nature, of self-love and charity, of pain, consolation and the ever-astonished look to the stars.

“Where a spark lives in me, you kindle the light,” it says in one of the songs on it. Exactly this light is ignited by Janin Devi and André Maris as “transforming artists” live and on CD – from the spark that lives deep in all of us.


Mantra Yoga




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A special special are the mantra yoga lessons with live music. While the participants flow through yoga exercises with a yoga teacher, they immerse themselves with mantras and songs even deeper into each asana. An unforgettable experience!

Flow in the rhythm of the music! Feel safe, deeply moved and loved! In the special atmosphere of the mantra yoga classes, it is easy to drop physical, but above all, emotional tensions and confide in the flow of life and emotions.

Even stubborn emotional blockages can be resolved through the deep process of bhakti-yoga and the subtle energetic body is stimulated and made to flow. Each lesson is dedicated to a theme and is accompanied by mantras, songs and lyrics.







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Janin Devi & André Maris